Style or hide text inside ((double parentheses)) or custom wrapper

I’m hoping to find a way to style or hide text ((inside double parentheses)).

The use case is this: I write my blog content in Obsidian and have a footnotes wordpress plugin that uses double parentheses (or any combination of chosen characters, to be fair – this can be changed) but it requires that the footnote be entered inline instead of at the bottom, which makes reading what I’m writing a pain. I’m hoping there’s a way in Obsidian that I could differentiate text in these wrappings either by styling or hiding it altogether in live preview. I’m not really looking to change the plugin I use because I have tried many other footnote/citation wordpress plugins and this one is the only one that has the features I need.

Note that I am not referring to double square brackets used for links, but rather ((hiding or styling text like this)) so that I can visually differentiate it from the rest of the content before copy pasting it into wordpress.

Is this something that could be achieved with the Dynamic Highlights plugin?

CSS can’t style arbitrary text or add new syntax to the editor. You’ll need a plugin for that.

Could using Obsidian’s %%comments%% work? They are still visible in the editor, but gone in Reading view.

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Actually got this working with the Dynamic Highlights plugin using this regex selector:



Works in live preview.

Case closed.

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