Stuck on IOS - No permission to save file in "Inbox"

Things I have tried

I tried have clicked the button “Reload app” which didn’t work, I also tried to quit the app regularly.

What I’m trying to do

I accidentally tried to open the vault “Inbox” on my iPhone, a vault I haven’t created myself. When I did this an error message came up and now I can’t get out of it again and go back to my regular vault. See attached image:

You could use Files to move the Inbox folder out of the Obsidian folder and see if that helps.

How did Inbox get there if you didn’t create it?

Thanks. When I open Files on the iPhone, it doesn’t appear (this is both on my iCloud, where I had vaults before, and in the local iPhone folder, where I keep my vault now since using Obsidian Sync). I then connected my iPhone to my Mac and went to the phone in Finder. Here I could see the folder “Inbox” under the local Obsidian folder, but when I try to delete it, the message comes up whether I really want to delete it, “yes”, and then nothing happens besides the folder is 0kb in size. But it is still there, and Obsidian on the phone is still stuck on the attached error message.

I really don’t know how that folder came in there, and I can see that it was created back in june 2021 before I used Obsidian on a local iPhone folder.

I deleted the app (beta) and downloaded it again - worked! :sweat_smile:

I’m glad you solved your problem.

I’m curious about your mention of (beta) — I don’t think the app is officially labeled as beta.

Yeah, thank you for your help! No what I meant is that I have the insider-mobile version installed through Testflight and not through App Store.

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