Sticky folders, or ability to star folders

Sticky FOLDERS would be really useful. There seems to have been a request for this earlier, but it was folded into something about notes that doesn’t seem really related to me (Sticky folder needed).

Starring folders would work, too, though it would add unnecessary steps to the workflow.

As someone who just thought they lost half their notes because they were using an asterisk to pin the most important, accessed-every-day folders to the top, this seems an important feature.


This would be really useful, especially for people who use Obsidian for different projects


I was just about to ask for that exact thing.

I’m working on a Screenplay C
I need the entire folder to remain open as I go from one file to the next, so I would “pin” the “Screenplay C” folder, and it would display at the top of the navigation pane.
When I know I’ll be spending time working on Scenes I’ll just pin that folder (and I will have all that navigation space to see all the files in the folder). Scrolling down shows more of the files in the folder, but scrolling up stops at the pinned folder.

	Screenplay A
	Screenplay B
X   Screenplay C
			meeting John
			eating cake
			driving to bar
            another scene
            and another
			item 1
			item 2

I hope we will see this feature coming soon.

I’m actually looking for folder/file pin top function, but only found a pinned command :frowning: When I need to write some daily file like plan or habbit, I don’t feel like looking up a long list to open it everyday. Hope this small request come soon :slight_smile: