Allow to sticky specific notes or folders and to colorize them like in the mac finder

Use case or problem

I want to sticky specific notes or folders to the top of the tree.
In addition I want to colorize them.

Additionally enable the fold/unfold hotkeys for the tree as well.

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Proposed solution

Sticky features plus colors :slight_smile:
Image attached.image


While I see this as being useful for organisation and having a good “on my radar” section at the top of the file list, I hope it is implemented with native tags support ie the colour tags chosen in Finder sync to Obsidian and vice versa. I wonder if it would be possible though with the other platforms Obsidian has to support. But something like that suddenly becomes too siloed if it doesn’t use standard OS level features and tries to reinvent the wheel. Perhaps a choice to select how Obsidian stores these based on the OS could be workaround and people who use mixed platforms will need to pick a favourite.

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I am not sure, probably I haven’t been specific enough but I personally don’t need any sync of the color tags back and forth from the OS.

All I’d need is the ability to colorize and sticky notes/folders in obsidian tree itself.

That is a basic note taking need and it would be SOOO AMZING to have this as a plugin or even core feature.


Yeah, I’m totally in agreement with your request here and would like to have the same. I just added some extra concerns to think about since some of those organisational abilities could be saved independent of the app already. Just like folders/files can be organised outside of Obsidian and it still works, colour tags seem like another feature which could work independently that way, at least on Mac and iOS.

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