Static Site Generators: any guides?

Hi there,

I currently have a website / blog on Squarespace, and distribute my notes vault using Obsidian publish.

I’m not a huge fan of Squarespace, but if fit my needs at the time. Looking ahead, I’d like to move to another solution that might give me a bit more control over and allows better integration (at least at a UX level) between my blog and my notes.

I am wondering if there are any guides or anything that would walk me through 1) moving my blog to a static site generator and 2) using Obsidian to power the content behind the site, so that I can maintain the structure and linking of my notes like Publish does for me now, but with more control over the look/feel of things.

Also, is there anything I would need to do or change about the way I write my notes in Obsidian? I use wikilinks–will those hold up? Any other pitfalls?

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Have a look at this guy’s repo. He build a wiki around VuePress. Wikilinks working. Pretty awesome, if you ask me. He maintains his vault with Obsidian and Foam.

You can see a live demo of his wiki here.

Hope this helps!

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Try here: - Publish your Obsidian notes with Jekyll for free!

Havent used it myself as yet, but like you putting my notes out there with a bit more control than Publish offers is something I want to do, and the above is going to be my starting point.

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Just remembered this as well Understanding digital garden creation with Obsidian

I really should put those links somewhere I won’t lose them and can get at them easily, a note-taking PKM of some sort… :roll_eyes::smile:

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@djdrysdale Hi, I’m the author of, the obsidian-friendly version of Simply-jekyll.

If you can get your articles as a .md files, you can use by following the tutorials on the demo website :

Do not hesitate to PM me or ask publicly if you have any questions.


I’ve played around with publishing notes from a vault using Pico CMS seems to work Ok. Should be even better now that Obsidian now support Front Matter.

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I imagine that Hugo would work pretty well for this. Both Hugo and Obsidian use Markdown content and YAML front matter.

I use Hugo for my personal blog and have had a very positive experience. While my blog isn’t powered by Obsidian, I’ll regularly draft posts in Obsidian, copy/paste into an editor for my blog, strip out the [[internal links]], and publish.

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Thanks–I was looking at Alex Kehayias’s zettelkasten, which is very much like what I’d like to create, and it seems to be on Hugo, as well.

So the internal link won’t work? Only Obsidian Publish can handle them correctly?

I use Obsidian with the Hugo site generator. It works very well and the setup was super easy. Just set Obsidian to use the Hugo’s “content” directory and you’re all set.

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Hello! found Publii. It is an offline CMS (static site generator). But currently don’t support any of the Gardening features. However, they say they are going to allow extending it through ‘Plugins’.

Hope, it will help us publish Obsidian Vaults through it. Btw, I raised an issue for this specific enhancement on their Github profile. It would be nice if more persons, encourage them to bring such plugin.

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