"Start Here" is this a feature, plugin or other?


Organising file explorer view so that a “Start Here” file appears at top. Not Bottom

Very weird from a UI stand point to have intro information at the bottom

Proposed solution

Use favourites code to create new view of files and folders that you can drag and drop

Current workaround

Folder plugin to create faux “Home or MOC” page

Related feature requests

The ability to organise files and folders. Similar to Favourites tab

There is the core plugin, “Starred” which already does this. You can drag and drop to set a manual order.

Otherwise if your main point is about having things at the top or manually sorting in the File explorer pane, please see these existing threads:

I’m moving this to Help. Please search the forum before making a new Feature Request.

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Thank you kind sir :slight_smile:

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