Folder actions (pin/add new file/rename/etc.) on the left sidebar

I’d love to see a feature where I can pin folders and sub-folders, so that they appear on the top. The star feature is nice but it only works on the documents and they’re in another tab.

I also have a few more requests that can make the usability better;

  • hover actions on folder : add file / rename.
    Currently the “add file” button places it inside the main vault and I’ve to manually place it in the folder each time. Hovering over a folder would reveal additional actions.
  • 3 dot menu instead of right click shows more actions
    I believe this will make it accessible to heavy keyboard users as well.

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Just to make sure you know this, you can right click on a folder and select “new note” and it will be created in the folder you right clicked on.

Yes I’m aware, my idea for the hover action to create a new file was a replacement for right clicking.

Got ya. Just wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

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I registered on this forum exactly for suggesting something similar.

I’m not a designer (just a front end developer), but I did an example changing a little bit what you suggested to put what I wanted:

This reduces to one click what I currently have to use two of them.

Have you searched for an existing request?


Use case or problem

Pin a file to top of root directory or its current folder.
Presently, it requires to go to star tab to view these files.

Proposed solution

Right click option like star file

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)


You can, however, drag and drop your “star” tab below your file list, for example - this way you will have your starred files always visible without changing any tabs…

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