Starred notes not syncing

I have a remote vault synced through Obsidian Sync on three devices, now if I star one note on a device, this is not carried over to any of the other two devices.

The sync log shows a successful sync on all three devices, I tried to close and restart the app several times, waiting (12+ hours), still no success.

This feature is fundamental to me, any help will be appreciated.

What I’m trying to do

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I had a similar problem. I’m not sure if I ever fully solved it before I stopped using Starred. Here’s the thread in case it jogs any useful thoughts:

Also, I changed the title of your post to make it a little clearer.

Do you have everything turned on in the Sync settings? I know I have to restart an app after a sync to see my starred notes update, but it definitely works. I just tested it.

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I have this same issue. I’m currently exploring other options for starring items because it’s not very useful if the starred item won’t be available on all my devices. I’m not sure whether this is intended Obsidian Sync behavior or is a bug.

Confirmed, same issue here. Mods, can this be moved to the bug area?

Bug reports have a template to follow, so someone should make a new post (and link to this thread, of course).

It is possible to sync the starred status of notes, but unfortunately it is not turned on in default, even when Sync is enabled. It will work when you active all Sync Configuration options in the menu.

@developers, @Silver @WhiteNoise : as the starred status is not a configuration topic - please add this to bugs or feature requests. It should be enabled when sync is enabled.

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It should be synced if you enable the core plugin option. You do not need to enable all of them.

I wouldn’t consider it a bug; it’s very reasonable for people to want different starred items on mobile vs desktop. Thanks for understanding!

As @Silver and @joethei explained, you need to enable “Core plugins” from Sync setting in your online Obsidian account settings. Then restart the Obsidian mobile app:

Took me ages to figure out how to then actually see starred notes: on mobile, tap on the “Files” icon itself (where it appears under the title of your remote vault name, x files, x folders). That will reveal additional Search, Tags, and Starred options. I wish this was explained anywhere in the Help section.


I just ran across this same issue. As others have noted, it does seem to require core plugin settings to be enabled HOWEVER, that does not seem to be enough. Even when they are synced (i.e. I can check the sync log and see that starred.json has been synced), the UI doesn’t update. That seems to require a restart for the starred items to show up.

If others can confirm that behavior to make sure it’s not just something I’m doing wrong, I would say that’s a bug and would be happy to create a ticket for it.

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I’m not using starred notes anymore, but it’s (unfortunately) common for Obsidian plugin changes that affect the interface to require a restart, so you’re probably not doing anything wrong.


I found another problem. In my case, the file “.obsidian/starred.json” has been synced correctly on the second device. I could see the new starred items in that file. But Obsidian fails to show the new starred items in the app. Maybe a refresh problem? Closing and restarting Obsidian helps. Are you able to reproduce?

Restarting is the solution.

After using for a few weeks, I’ve also stopped using them. They aren’t ready for heavy use in a multi-device setup. They also could use a more explicit visual indicator like a star that can be toggled by the title to be more in line with most user’s expectations on how stars work in other apps and web sites.

Fortunately, there are so many other great ways to quickly link to favorites in Obsidian.


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