Starred notes not syncing

I have a remote vault synced through Obsidian Sync on three devices, now if I star one note on a device, this is not carried over to any of the other two devices.

The sync log shows a successful sync on all three devices, I tried to close and restart the app several times, waiting (12+ hours), still no success.

This feature is fundamental to me, any help will be appreciated.

What I’m trying to do

I had a similar problem. I’m not sure if I ever fully solved it before I stopped used Starred. Here’s the thread in case it jobs any useful thoughts:

Also, I changed the title of your post to make it a little clearer.

Do you have everything turned on in the Sync settings? I know I have to restart an app after a sync to see my starred notes update, but it definitely works. I just tested it.

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