Stared notes doesn't seem to sync

Steps to reproduce

  1. Using Obsidian sync…
  2. Star a note on one computer.
  3. After sync, it is not starred on a different computer. (Doesn’t get starred on mobile either).

Expected result

  1. Starred note appear in stared list on different computer.

Actual result

  1. Note is not starred


  • Operating system: Windows & Mac OS
  • Obsidian version: Windows 10 and Big Sur

Additional information

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we don’t sync settings yet. there is a FR open for that

Roger. I guess I wouldn’t have thought of that as a “setting.”

But understand.

Settings sync now but my starred notes don’t. Does this fall under “Main settings”? I have that disabled under Sync because desktop Obsidian resets the mobile toolbar (or used to, I haven’t checked lately), but I have “Core plugin settings” enabled.

(Like @ToddH, I wouldn’t have thought of starred notes as a “setting”, either.)

it falls under “core plugins settings” and it works for me.

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Hmmm. Looking more closely, I have

  • 1 starred file on desktop and tablet that’s not starred on my phone
  • 1 on my phone that’s not on desktop or tablet
  • 1 on phone and desktop that isn’t on tablet. This 1 I know was only on 1 device, and I added it manually to the other when I noticed it was missing. It’s in a slightly different list position on each device (I think I unknowingly chose a different placement when I re-added it).

Sync of core settings is enabled on all 3 devices. It’s possible I might have had it turned off at some point, but not when I starred the file that I had to re-star. I’m on version 0.14.6 / installer 0.14.2 on Mac and 1.2.0 (50) / API 0.14.2 on iOS.

I have enough starred files that I’m pretty sure they were syncing previously. I don’t think I re-added all of them on every device.

Maybe I’ll just unstar everything on each device and toggle the settings, to start from a clean slate. :confused: