Stacked Tabs - leftmost tab is shown when entering stacked tab mode

Version 1.4.5 - sandbox or normal vault

When entering stacked tab mode the active tab is not kept and the leftmost tab becomes active.

seems similar to this closed report but may be unrelated:

Expected Behavior

Active tab remains in view and active when entering stacked tab mode

Actual Behavior

Stacked tab interface shows the left most tab when toggle stacked tabs is executed. (The previous tab is still active i.e you can type into it, though it won’t become visible)


Open sandbox vault → open multiple tabs → have a tab that isn’t the leftmost active → activate the “Toggle Stacked Tabs” command

Partial workaround

Pressing navigation keys up and down will bring you to the tab just before the previously active one, you will have to still scroll one more tab/click on the title bar.

ok thanks

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will be fixed 1.4.10

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