Stack Tabs: Disable/reduce scroll animation

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Please add the ability to disable the scrolling animation of tabs in Stack tabs (as it was in the Sliding Panels plugin)

Why do I need it?

  1. I often open a lot of tabs and have to switch between them instantly instead of spending seconds watching animations - this degrades my workflow.
  2. It was in the Sliding Panels plugin, which became unavailable since the last Obsidian update (v1.0.0)

Proposed solution

In the Obsidian settings (Editor section) add the item:
Stack tabs: disable scroll animation


Even a faster animation would be OK for me. The current one is pretty leisurely.

Also, an option to disable tabs. I like the concept, but for now, it’s slowing my workflow as I need to check first if it’s a tab or a pane to know which shortcut to hit.

Before, I just switched right. For now, I’d love a setting to enable “stacked tabs” within one tab only (similar to sliding panels before).

Is that possible?