Spellcheck Hotkey

As far as I can tell this has not been requested yet.

I would like to request the option to assign a hotkey to turn on/off spellcheck.

When I write I like to turn off the spellcheck because it distracts me when it underlines incorrect spelling because I can’t help but pay attention to the underlined word instead of writing and this, in turn, slows me down and causes me to lose my thought sometimes.

Currently, whenever I want to check my spelling I have to click on Settings and turn on spellcheck, then after I am done I go back in the menu and turn it off. That’s a lot of clicks and it slows my workflow. It would be of great convenience if I could quickly turn spellcheck on with a hotkey when I want to check something and then turn it off with the same hotkey. And I think this will be helpful for everyone else too.

Another thing to think about is the use of this hotkey when support for other languages is added. I guess the software has to automatically detect the language or there would have to be different hotkeys for different languages.

Now, I don’t know what it involves to add this feature, I don’t have much knowledge of programming. Hopefully, it’s not that complicated and it won’t disrupt the code behind this software. I would ask you guys about the solution.

What do you think of this idea and is it possible/easily achievable?


Agreed. I am definitely also distracted by the red underlines but also am sometimes distracted by the uneasy feeling of having spellcheck disabled.

Being able to quickly toggle it on then off would give some peace of mind when working on a note that I fear may end up never getting spellchecked again before I funnel some of the text into other software that does not have spellchecking.

As a side note, you may appreciate my request of being able to ignore misspellings like in some other software. Here’s a link: Option to ignore misspelling



this has been implemented at some point.

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