Spellcheck Help

I’m new to working with Obsidian and I unfortunately just cannot seem to get the spellcheck to activate on my document. I have both the Canadian & US version added to my settings however it seems to not make a difference, it also says “Dictionary Empty” what does this mean? A few of the times I’ve used Obsidian I haven’t been connected to the internet, would this make a difference in spellcheck’s ability to operate?
At this point I’ve tried restarting Obsidian, enabling & disabling spellcheck and full on restarting my laptop to try and fix the issue, but to no success.
Grammar & spelling is very important to me so I’d love to be able to ensure all my work is correct.
Sorry if this is a silly post but I’m at a loss!
Thank you very much in advance

Linux and iPadOS user here.

You didn’t state which platform you’re working on.

So to make it nice and quick, I’m going to bring up some points here:

  • The mobile spellchecker is not on par with the desktop one. It seems to work in a different way, relying on the built-in spellchecker of the OS (iOS, Android).
  • The dictionary is the user dictionary. It will be populated by words you add to the dictionary. It works when it has zero items. Zero items in dictionary has no bearing on the functionality. Everyone starts out at zero items.
  • One trick I’ve learned about helping the Obsidian Spellchecker kick in is that removing the languages, re-adding them, then disabling and re-enabling the Spellchecker with the tumbler switch makes it work. This routine may not be needed anymore (for all OS’s) but I’ll probably never stop doing it…
  • I was kind of tempted to leave the typo “spellhecker” in…