Spell Checker

The spell checker in Obsidian is terrible. Type in “spel” and it suggests “spells” but not “spell”. In my experience it doesn’t provide a correct suggestion over 50% of the time, even when I’m only one letter off. It’s my understanding it’s not an Obsidian designed feature, it’s instead based on the Chrome spellchecker (though I don’t recall spellchecking ever being this bad in Chrome). Since it can be turned off, is there a way to create a spellchecker as a plugin? I see other requests for foreign languages and such, but not a basic replacement of the English spell checker, which could be expanded to do other languages, and perhaps add other features.

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Yes additional spell checkers are possible via plugins. These plugins typically communicate via HTTP API offered by the (usually) paid language checking service. Example of this is LanguageTool which offers free plans. There exists a community plugin for LanguageTool. However using a community plugin for serious writing is somewhat conflicting since you really care about what you are doing if you want to use quality spell checking tools. This essentially means you should use a web browser or MS Word to get best possible support from 3rd party language services.