Spell check in various languages or change from English to another

It would be great to have a spell check in other languages besides English (US), for example Spanish, French, Germany… like MS Word or Libre Office.

  • One option is to differentiate with YAML the language:

    • lang: “en”
    • lang:“es”
    • lang:“fr”
  • And another is to change the language in the plugin settings.

I have my notes in Spanish and English and to work with the English corrector is very annoying.

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This is implemented in 0.13.7 (Which is still currently an Insider build)

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I am new to Obsidian and totally fell in love with it! I’ve run into a small-ish problem with the spellchecker, which doesn’t recognise the British language setting on my Mac.

I am on Mac 11.5.2 and Obsidian 0.13.23.

On Mac, I have set the language in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text to British English.

However the spellchecker still underlines words with British spelling with a red squiggle line.

Is there something else I need to do to get Obsidian to recognise the Mac language?

Thanks in advance for your help!!