Obsidian Release v0.13.7 (Insider build)

Live preview improvements

  • Spell checker languages can now be changed on Windows and Linux. On MacOS, the system native spell checker is used, which automatically detects the language.
  • Spell checker will now skip over things that shouldn’t be spell checked, such as code blocks, links, and math blocks.
  • Improved code block syntax highlighting colors.
  • Fixed fold all command not folding inner folds.
  • Fixed heading folds does not load sometimes, causing the fold state to be lost.
  • Fixed frontmatter not foldable.
  • Fixed image links with titles. Fixed links surrounded by <> not linking properly.
  • Improved bottom padding handling when backlink in document is enabled.
  • Fixed editor suggestions continue to show up after switching documents.
  • Fixed indent soft-wrapping mis-calculating tab sizes.
  • Fixed bare links with <> disappears.
  • Fixed rendered code blocks could overflow the editor.
  • Fixed characters past the line wrapping threshold not selectable using the mouse, happens with long tables, or with line wrapping disabled.
  • Internal links rendered by plugins are now handled within rendered code blocks.
  • Improved handling of list bullet when the cursor is at the beginning of the line.


  • Global search panes will no longer continuously run in the background when the pane is not in view.
  • Fixed overflowing tooltips.
  • Fixed drag and drop internal links on Windows looks weird.