Soulver / Numbr -like calculator functionality for Obsidian


After a quick search, I couldn’t find an existing plugin for Obsidian that does this, but I would love it if someone built one.

If you’re unfamiliar, Soulver and Numbr are like a simple text editor that works as a pseudo-natural language calculator. A quick look at the Numbr website will show what I mean, as that one is actually browser-based.

I think this would be super useful for Obsidian! I use these kinds of tools often for taking notes on things that use maths, like budgeting, trading, house planning, etc. and having them separate from the rest of my notes on the same topics is tiresome.

Hopefully others also think this would be useful!

~ Japh


Note that this suggestion is similar but distinct from the suggestion by @Daniyal-Ahmed here: Calculator Plugin for Obsidian

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I just remember there’s another one too called Numi which is built for macOS, but is on GitHub under an MIT license: GitHub - nikolaeu/numi: Beautiful calculator app for macOS

Edit: Actually, it may not be the app itself that’s on GitHub there… may just be helpers for integrations with the app.

I use Numi and ended up here because I was looking for a plugin like this. I will likely end up building one if no one else has.


Let me know if you do, I could really use a calc plugin for Obsidian!

Realizing my previous post belongs more on the other calculator plugin post, so moving there

Just want to ask if any plugin was ever created?

I’ve recently developed an Obsidian plugin which is designed to address exactly this use case. Obsidian Numerals gives you the power of an advanced calculator inside a math code block, complete with currencies, units, variables, and math functions. You can perform calculations alongside your notes, and see both the input and the evaluated result in Live Preview or Reader view.

Numerals is not yet in the Obsidian communities plugins list, but those interested in trying it out can install it easily via BRAT. Feedback via DM or Github issues is encouraged and welcome!

Obsidian Numerals Screenshot


I should also note that Obsidian Calc and Obsidian Mathpad address related but distinct use cases, and folks may want to check those out as well.


Awesome, exactly what I needed!

this looks incredible, thank you so much!