Sorting installed plugins


Some of us have an obscene amount of plugins easier (honestly sometimes I forget the name).
It will be great if there’s a way to sort the installed community plugins by ‘date installed’ or ‘enabled status’. Currently it is only sorted alphabetically with no other option.

Something right next to the ‘refresh plugin’ button would be really useful

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It would be much easier for me to track down bugs if I could evaluate how many of my “installed” plugins were actually enabled, and more importantly, evaluate them faster for which ones can be turned off during testing… because they’re sorted at the top.

@curiosity It would be better to rename the feature request to sorting installed community plugins because the related posts talk about sorting the plugins in the community plugin catalog, which is already implemented.

[Mod note — merged from request titled “Sort by enabled”. — @CawlinTeffid ]

Use case or problem

Makes it easier to look for certain plugins if you have a lot of installed ones, but only a few enabled ones.


On the right side of the header “Installed Plugins” under Community Plugins, there could be a button to sort them by name, name reversed, date from old to new, and reverse. This would be convenient if users have lots of plugins and would like to quickly access settings for ones on the lower part of the alphabet, or enable and look at new ones.

There isn’t any workaround I know of for this.

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Yes! Especially since we have to move around different sections to enable/disable the plugins, install them, and configure the options. Nice to have a single place where everything could be managed.

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