Sort by file.size in group elements for dataview

I would like something like

LIST sort(
FROM "6.Projects"
WHERE !contains(file.folder, "_Archive") AND !contains(, "_Working on")
GROUP BY file.folder

taken from

but sorting on file.size (for the group elements)

is it possible?

1 - in each group (by folder) sort the files order?
2 - see the but instead of the sort by the file the sort by the file.size?
3 - sort file.size by ascending size or descending?

thanks for the message!
1: yes like : group1: {el1,el2,el3} where size(el1) > size(el2)
2: yes - I dont mind having both - but when I tried with list it was sorting only one of those.
3: desc

I am aiming then to adapt this setup for grouping by subtags - following what I found here: Dataview : display a subtag only? (Also discussed : Sort/Group by subtag) - #18 by mnvwvnm

For now try something like:

LIST rows.fileSize
FROM "6.Projects"
WHERE !contains(file.folder, "_Archive") AND !contains(, "_Working on")
FLATTEN + " (" + file.size + ")" AS fileSize
SORT file.size
GROUP BY file.folder

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