Some suggestions for folders and file managers

The software was great, and I started with Scrinvener, but it had some problems. It was better for fiction than knowledge base.

I use Mybase, which is great overall, but it doesn’t support mind maps, and a lot of pictures and videos have to be inserted into the editor as attachments, but the main reason I abandoned it was that it didn’t support mind maps

Obsidian is more comprehensive, but it also has a lot of problems, in fact, there are a lot of plug-ins to extend the use of md very well, but I actually don’t need too much fancy usage, what to add [] to generate the title and so on, I can not remember it is very troublesome, why not directly make a icon or text button?

And then the thing that bothers me the most is the tree folder and file manager on the left.

For example, I created a folder named Liu Bei, but I need to create another note named Liu Bei under the folder, because I only need this note to record all the information of this named Liu Bei, so there will be a folder named Liu Bei and a note named Liu Bei, which makes me confused, which should I click?

Then it’s hard to tell the difference between a folder and a file at a glance. The only difference is that the left side of the folder has an arrow pointing right or left, while the notes don’t. This also confused me

I wish the folder had an icon or something that made it look obviously different from the notes.

And then finally the hard part is, I click on a folder, and it really is a folder

I wish it was like mybase or scrivener, where I click on a folder, but it’s actually notes.

I can open the next level by clicking the right arrow on the left, instead of opening or closing the next level by clicking the folder.

Especially now that I’m using Folder Note plugin, this plugin is nice, I can click on the folder to open a note, but when I click on the folder, it folds or reexpands the notes or folders of his subordinates, this is too painful, I just want to see the contents of the folder (now it becomes notes), not to fold or expand his subordinates.

Generally speaking, these are the places that make me feel uncomfortable. I hope the author can consider them.

Thank you for your work, because the world is a better place because of you

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Welcome, and you bring up some good points. But if you want to make feature requests, please use the template. And do one FR per thread. And search first.

For folder icons, that’s a good point. And it’s been discussed. Someone came up with a CSS workaround here: How to auto add icon to folders and notes? - #4 by holroy

I just tested it now, and it works. So I’m going to start using this! I’m now using it to add the folder icon, but not the note icon.


As for a folder “Liu Bei”, may I ask? Why a folder for something where there is only one note? I guess the simplest answer is that if it’s confusing, don’t structure it that way.

But, as for a feature request, making folders be able to be content is definitely an interesting idea, and something you can do in other apps, like Scrivener and Zim. But it is also a feature request that has been brought up here in the past. So make sure you search before making a new feature request.

The Folder Note plugin is either unmaintained or barely maintained. There is an updated fork of it called AidenLX’s Folder Note which (among other things) lets you choose whether folder notes expand when you click on them.


Maybe you are saying that I can create a folder called Liu Bei and then create a new note under the folder called People Information? That just makes me feel bad, when I don’t need to write that, I just need a note called Liu Bei to record all the information, you know, not every folder has a lot of notes, when there is only one note under a folder, why can’t the folder and the notes become one?

What rigmarole is asking is, if the folder Liu Bei only contains the note Liu Bei and no other notes, why does the folder Liu Bei need to exist? You could just have the note Liu Bei.

So instead of

Liu Bei (folder)
    Liu Bei (note)

you could have

Liu Bei (note)

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