Some letter disappear

When I type in Bangla, certain letters vanish. When I’m writing, it irritates me considerably.
This isn’t a problem with the keyboard software because it only happened in Obsidian.
I even tried it in a totally new vault, but the issue persists.

Os: Windows
obsidian version : 0.13.23

It looks like you are using some third-party IME (input method editor). What happen if you use window’s built in IME?

The built-in IME in Windows does not support phonetic output. Since 2013, I’ve been using [Avro Keyboard - Wikipedia](Avro - Wikipedia Keyboard) .
I have never find a single program that causes any problems with for this software.

Note: If I use the legacy editor, this problem does not occur.

Does it happen here


Ok, it’s possible that this issue was fixed upstream and if so the issue should be resolved with 0.13.25.

If it doesn’t work, I am sorry but it’s unlikely we are going to tackle it directly because we lack the resource to support non OS built-in IMEs.

Could be related to this issue:

This issue has been resolved after updating to v0.13.31.


good to know!

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