Some emojis render as Unicode on Windows 10

This post is a double-dipping kind of post: Bug and Plug-in Request.

But yeah, I have emojis that I want to use (like the map emoji here), but some of them keep showing up as the Unicode version that Windows recognizes (upper left hand corner).


At first I thought this might have just been Windows, but I was able to test this on other apps, notably Windows Sticky Note app, Chrome and also Firefox: Chrome and the Sticky Note app were able to render whereas Firefox wasn’t. I suppose the Firefox thing is a problem related to Firefox, but if this is respective to each app, then I guess this can be fixed in Obsidian.

My requests

  • For Obsidian to render these Unicode icons as emojis.
  • A plug-in to turn that feature off (or on), if someone doesn’t want that particular feature.

NOTE: Obsidian only renders some emojis as Unicode, but not all.

Which installer version do you have?

For Obsidian?


I will try and update that and see if anything changes.

Sometimes an updated set of emoji is available with newer version of electron/chrome

BTW, I am on windows and the world map emoji displays as an emoji for me


which version of win 10 do you have?

K so the update didnt change anything.

And I have version 2004 for Home edition.

A strange development: it works on with the Help vault. I just used it because it has the default CSS.

Edit: It appears to work for the default CSS, but not for custom CSS (or the ones I’ve used, and I’ve tested 3 so far).

Its associated with the font. When I switch to default font, it works, but I don’t know whats going on here. Maybe the encoding, but nothing is working for me at the moment.

I found a fix: through the root section in the css. I don’t know why this works, though.

I typically just change the font family for the html, body but now I would have to change the font through the root and the emojis stay the same. Not sure why this solution works, though.