Some emoji's render as unicode (I think)

Steps to reproduce

  • Pull up the Emoji selector (ctrl + cmd + space)
  • Select “Play” or “red heart” emojis, as examples

Expected result

  • Emojis should render as seen in the selector

Actual result

Emoji’s render in black and white, sometimes purple (heart).


  • Operating system: Mac OS
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.4, with default Obsidian theme

Additional information

Different characters have different default variation selectors (“text” or “emoji”), and not all fonts have all variants. You could try to add an U+FE0F (emoji variation selector) to the character, without any whitespace in between.

I don’t know how to enter Unicode on a Mac, but on Linux it’s just Ctrl+Shift+U, then enter the hexadecimal Unicode value and press enter or blank.

Maybe this post can enlighten a little:

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