Font problem? Unicode "text-style" variant selectors don’t work most of the time

Things I have tried

I really, really hate the flashy, colorized Unicode emojis. They may be nice for messenger apps and the like, but can’t easily be styled (with a font color, for instance), are almost unusable for professional tech documentation, and what’s worse, are often completely illegible with light backgrounds.

Well, Unicode to the rescue! We do have variation selectors, one of which (U+FE0E) is for the text-style representation of emojis. Hooray! Only … it seems that not all browser engines and/or fonts support them.

Here is an example, trying to use the “text-style” variation of the Unicode character “fork & knife” as an indicator for “restaurant”:

As you can see, the “fork & knife” emoji (:fork_and_knife:) is almost illegible on a light background, so I try to add the “text-style” variation selector U+FE0E to it to get the black-and-white textual representation of the emoji (:fork_and_knife:︎), but to no avail.

Interestingly, the “emoji-style” variation selector U+FE0F added to the :parking:︎ symbol works and mutates it into :parking:!

Note: The forum editor handles the above correctly, but the forum later only shows the “color emojis”:


This makes me think that Electron (or actually its Chromium engine) can be ruled out (?) and it must be a font issue with Obsidian’s default fonts.

Don’t Obsidian’s default fonts have the text-style emoji variants?

Or should really Electron/Obsidian be at fault?

  • @moderators: If it turns out to be an Obsidian/Electron problem, please move this into the Feature Requests. Thanks!

  • Does anyone know how to easily check a font for having text-style emoji alternative characters? (I’m on Linux.)

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