Slow note creation/rename


  1. Is it too big for obsidian?
    Size: 1.5TB
    Folders: 6k
    Files that participate in links: 40k
    .md files: 26k

  2. If not, then how to make it create/rename notes faster than 20sec?

If there is a way I, as the developer, may contribute in profiling/optimizing Obsidian code, let me know. I’m ready to work on that problem in return of having faster product for myself :slight_smile:

Might I ask why you’re having one file being 1.5TB? I can’t even start considering wanting to have one file that size…

Sorry for poor clarification, 1.5TB is not a one file size, that’s a whole vault size.
When I add one note to the vault or try to rename any of notes, Obsidian freezes and it takes 20sec to unfreeze.

All plugins are turned OFF (both core and community), including search and files plugins.

Machine has 16 cores and 32GB mem, utilization is low, so it is not resources cap.
Also there is low disk utilization during note creation/rename, so it is not storage i/o case either.

Feels like slow set/table implementation that takes a lot of time to check for uniqueness of new filename.

We aren’t aware of issue on note creation. For note rename/move, there is this bug report:

@mrXCray try the workaround from my post, link above, the most likely it will help in your situation as well

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Woah, you did tremendous work nailing the problem down to the line of code!

  1. Your snippet worked, renaming freezes Obsidian now for only 3s instead of 23s
  2. The theory of inefficient maps/sets/calls management confirmed, I guess

Will drop a + into your bugreport to make it more visible for developers.

Thank you!


How exactly do you apply the fix?

I didn’t want to make any direct changes into Obsidian code, so I just applied it via developer console.

Later will dig deeper and, if it is possible, will provide a plugin that runs snippet onload.

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