Slow app load times and workspace sync conflicts when using Syncthing

Steps to reproduce

Using Obsidian via Syncthing across Android, Linux, and Windows

Expected result

The app to load rapidly and elicit no sync conflicts.

Actual result

I get a lot of ‘.obsidian/workspace-conflict’ files, which I am guessing contributes to the slow app load times and the app performing an Index Refresh every time it opens due to apparent file changes.

I think the problem might be file permission and timestamp changes between operating systems. But I’m totally guessing there, I’m not sure.

I’ve used Obsidian with Syncthing across multiple platforms without conflicts or slow load times, so I know it’s possible.



I would exclude the workspace file from sync.

Thanks. Yeah, I’ll have to try that. I used to exclude it, then for about a year it worked fine having everything synced. (That way my workspace is synced, I can go from phone to desktop and the open note is the same). Not sure what changed - maybe it’s on my end!

Maybe! Obsidian did have a major update recently, tho, so something might have changed in the app.

Don’t let Syncthing watch the file system, so uncheck the following:


Auf Änderungen achten

Benachrichtigungen des Dateisystems nutzen, um Änderungen zu erkennen. Das Überwachen von Änderungen entdeckt die meisten Änderungen ohne regelmäßiges Scannen.

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hmm same here, I have Syncthing running all of my files, including Obsidian, between phone and two PCs. I am not sure what is going on, but every time I modify a file SyncTrayzor pops up a sync conflict. I don’t remember this being an issue until recently.

Btw this is not just for the workspace folders. I exclude explicitly as such


But there is still conflicts for any Obsidian file I edit. Pretty frustrating as no other Syncthing folders/files have this issue, only the Obsidian vault folders/files. There has to be something that was changed in the 1.0 update…

I think my issues are only caused by my phone. Changing notes on desktop does not cause .obsidian folder conflicts. I recently reformatted my phone, and Obsidian is running faster, so I’m tempted to see if I can continue to sync the .obsidian folder.

If you are having sync conflicts appear with ALL your notes on all systems, that’s confusing. I wonder if reinstalling Obsidian on all devices, or reinitiating a syncthing relationship between all devices, would fix it.

I’m currently suffering this, and nobody seems to have mentioned any solution. Can anyone confirm if there is a way to fix this?

have you fixed the issue ? what are you current using for syncing note?

I finally just removed my vault and started fresh. The app starts instantly now on all platforms. I am bringing my notes into this new vault a few at a time from my old vault’s folder.

enhanced configuration of the Obsidian folder:

Fs Watcher Delay (seconds)
Fs Watcher Enabled

and if this is not the solution perhaps (!) resetting one or more of the databases?

Perhaps you get better tips at the syncthing forum.

I ended up just subscribing to Obsidian Sync. Not saying everyone needs to go do that, but it works really well, and I love being able to sync my notes abroad without having to VPN back to my home server. The convenience is nice, and I got tired of fighting Syncthing (I still use it to sync my pictures and music to and from my server)

I figure even after buying the $25 Support license, I use this app so much and it is such an important part of my life, that it was worth supporting this small company pumping out such a fantastic piece of software. It feels good to do my part to financially encourage them to keep going and I benefit from it too