Sliding Panes (Andy Matuschak Mode) Plugin

Not yet. It’s planned for the future (alongside some sort of plugin directory) but at the moment we just have the plugin loader so we can feel out what we need for the API.

Disclaimer: I’m not a developer so I have no idea if these feature ideas are possible for the plugin.

It would be amazing if pinning a note would make the edges of that note a new edge upon which notes will stack. This would mean you could easily bring notes into permanent focus when you need to compare them with another note and simply unpin when you no longer need to compare. This might be comparable to the UX of Roam’s sidebar workflow.

Another potential upgrade to replicate Roam, though I’m not sure how easy it would be, is if we could shift-click a note title to rearrange a note to the far left and pin it like above. This would replicate Roam’s ability to move notes from the “sidebar” into the left-most pane.

If a note is already pinned on the left-most pane, then shift-clicking a note title could move it to the second-left pane, which would also then make it easy to rearrange “sidebar” notes in the case that you have too many headers stacked up.

For example, I have 10 notes open, I want to compare Note 7 with all of the other notes, I simply shift-click the title to move it to Note 1 position, then pin it to keep it in focus while I scroll the other notes. If I then want to compare Note 1 to Note 10, Note 2-9 would be stacked in between, so I shift-click Note 10 title to move it to Note 2 position, and so on.


I don’t know if feature requests for the plugin should be sent here or as issues on Github but I would love an option to change the orientation of the title/filename in the sidebar (somehow I prefer tilting my head left than to the right to read it).

I would also be rude not thanking you for the great work, :slight_smile:

3 Likes Just dropping by to say thank you! Love the plugin!

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is there a config or something to change the size of the unfocused note? Right now it’s much bigger than I’d like it to be. I’d be okay with it peaking, but right now it is overpowering.

Please add a slide-off mode. When panels open to a fixed width.
As it was in the first versions: Andy Matuschak mode
This mode is useful when I compare information in several notes.

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As an option.

Yes, of course. That’s what I meant.
If it will still be turned on and off by the hotkey, it will be great


On second thoughts, I think my idea can be simplified by setting the in-focus panel to never scroll out of view or be covered by other panels, so that its edges effectively become the edges on which other panels stack. (See screenshots)

To be clear, although I use the word locked in the screenshots, I don’t mean locking the position of the panel. You could scroll it to the left or right hand side, but it would never scroll out of focus. This means if you want to change the panels that you’re comparing, it would just be a case of scrolling until the other panel appears, or clicking the other panel into focus.

One thing that might not be ideal about this implementation is having a lot of unused space (titles) between the panels being compared, making it hard to switch your eyes between them. This could be resolved by adding a function to shift-click the title of a panel to rearrange it and make it the next panel over from the one that’s in-focus.

I’ve released a small update:

  • Add a setting to disable rotated headers
  • Update focusLeaf to scroll just far enough to make a leaf fully visible if it’s out of view to the right (thanks to Eric Hall)
  • Activate adjacent leaf when active leaf is closed (thanks again, Eric)
  • Close leaves which happen to have a file open that is deleted

There’s still a lot I want to do, so I’ve taken some time to add a bunch of issues to GitHub to keep track:


Is it possible my sliding pane moves smoothly as the plugin preview (on GitHub)? For additional information, my operating system is Windows 10.

Btw thank you for making this plugin!

Edit : Nvm, I found the solution. I should activate this in the control panel (Advance system setting > Advanced > performance)

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Huh. I didn’t even know that was a thing.
I’m glad you worked it out, and now I’ve learned something, too :laughing:


@jokysatria: control panel? Is this a windows thing? I’m on a Mac.

Yes, it’s Windows.

Found a bug. when I loaded my one of workspaces (workspaces plugin), sliding pane plugin “touched” sidebar.

For workaround, refreshing Obsidian (Ctrl + R) will help.

New update to Sliding Panes:

  • Update the link suggestion container position (thanks again, Eric Hall)
  • Add the option (and command palette command) to turn stacking off (i.e. slide-off mode, like the v1 of Andy’s Mode CSS)
  • Add the option (and command palette command) to make the rotated header titles face the other direction
  • Add a command palette command to toggle rotated headers
  • Allow pane resizing (except the last pane, because it doesn’t have a handle currently)
  • Fix an issue with switching to off-screen panes not animating correctly (can still jump without animation if you switch too far too quickly)

I don’t see it.

I think there might be an issue with the way the settings are added — I think they’re only added at start-up. You might need to reload or restart obsidian to see them

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You are right, reload did the trick. Good to know that it’s best reload after a plug-in update. Sometimes it is necessary, sometimes it isn’t, therefore best to do it since it’s not a big undertaking.
Thanks for the feedback.

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Hey! After updating I’m seeing a couple of bugs/incompatibilities with the Minimal theme. The bug where the options menu for the notes is hidden by the ribbon is back, and this one: