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Hi @kepano first of all I really love your theme!
Please can you help me in integrating your theme with the backlinks in the document plugin? Right now I have the Andy mode plugin enabled so the page title spine is replicated in the document section and I can’t find a way to hide it and I’m also struggling to tweak the appearance of the content for a more inline feeling (Sorry I tried, but I’m not so skilled with css).
It would be a nice feature to add to this already beautiful and very smart theme.


When I install through the gallery, will it then automatically update with the latest version?

Yes, you’ll get the latest version if you install via Community Themes. You can also update the theme through that method too.

Not sure if it’s just me, the buttons for preview/closing/more options seem to be deactivated when Andy mode is on. I’m on Linux, not sure if related to the new version with the top bar.

I am not able to reproduce this issue, the buttons seem to work for me even if I have the titlebar visible.

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Small update! After playing around with this a little bit mode it seems it might be something in combination the sliding pane’s plugin from If the option toggle rotated headers is off, the three buttons are placed at the top but are disabled (and I couldn’t reproduce that on the default theme with that setting off)

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Hi, I modified the table part a bit to make it use monospace font.





.CodeMirror pre.HyperMD-table-row {
  font-family: var(--font-monospace);
  font-size: 14px;

Might be useful to some people.


Now versioning Minimal Theme. This is 1.0.0! Lots of small improvements for Sliding Panes users.

  • Tables use monospace font in Editor mode
  • Hide tips in the autocomplete modal for links
  • For documents in sidebars, transclusion styling is removed to save space (great for transcluded todo lists)
  • Fixed clear button for search in Obsidian 0.9.12
  • Support for Sliding Panes 3.1.1
    • Compatibility with various header rotations and configurations, should feel seamless transitioning between modes.
    • Action buttons should work again

If anyone is interested in using the iA Writer fonts with this theme, add the following in obsidian.css:

--text:"ia Writer Quatro S",sans-serif;
--text-editor:"iA Writer Duo S",sans-serif;
--font-monospace:"iA Writer Mono S",monospace;

I’m not sure how theme updating works – presumably I’ll need to re-apply these changes every time?

Also, is it possible to see word count using this theme?


Obsidian devs have an item on the short term roadmap to enable multiple CSS files which would allow you to maintain separate sets of rules including fonts, status bar, etc.

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@kepano Thanks for the heads up (and the great theme!)

I just noticed that the filename doesn’t line up with the text:

Is this intentional?

I am assuming you have folding turned on ? I haven’t been able to figure out how to line things up when folding is on (yet).

Ah, yes, I do have folding on. I guess that pushes the text to the right. This probably needs a #feature-requests for the devs to wrap the container with a class when folding is on.

Minimal 2 is here. This is a really big release! Check out a quick video overview of the new features:

Major changes

  • Minimal Theme no longer hides core Obsidian UI features. My new Hider plugin takes on these responsibilities with the ability to toggle features including app ribbon, status, titlebar, tooltips and scrollbars.
  • Minimal now has a companion plugin called Minimal Theme Settings that you should install to get the full experience.

Installing Minimal 2

To get the best experience I recommend installing all three of the latest versions:

  • Minimal Theme, available in community themes
  • Minimal Theme Settings, available in third-party plugins
  • Hider plugin, available in third-party plugins

Options available with the plugin

Read more on the plugin page.

  • Five variations on the theme with differing levels of contrast can be toggled in the plugin settings
  • Customize accent color
  • Choose your editor font, from system fonts or iA Writer fonts

More small changes to the core theme

  • Improved modals and Obsidian settings panel
  • Consistency improvements between Edit and Preview mode
  • Improvements to highlighting for internal search and block references

Hi @kepano, tried Minimal Theme (on Windows 10) and like it.
But I can’t find the file browser, and the right sidebar with local graph etc. is also gone.
Do you habe any idea? Switch back to my old theme until there is a solution. Thanks.

Quick question? Can I save the Plug-in Theme as a WorkSpace in order to be able to switch between it (Minimal Theme 2) and the standard Obsidian Theme/Workspace?

Another thing that’s missing is “Obsidian 0.9.11” in the title bar. Could ir be that Minimal 2 needs a higher version?

@a_wue not sure about the issue of the file browser. I haven’t seen that issue. Could be something conflicting with other plugins or CSS files. Regarding the titlebar text, it’s intentionally hidden but you can change that in the CSS. See the .titlebar-text property.

@Daveb08 Not that I know of. You’d have to create a new feature request for that.


This new version is awesome, I much prefer the “Hider” plugin’s features over the previous design! :clap::clap::clap:

I’ve been tinkering with a sublter design for the front matter, which you may wish to consider:

.cm-s-obsidian .cm-hmd-frontmatter {
	color:var(--text-faint); // or mute
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