Minimal Theme

I actually took your original code, commented out lines 29 & 30, then added this:

.titlebar-button-container.mod-right {

It put them on top of the window rather nicely, preserving the ‘frameless’ look.
Unfortunately it’s not so good if you collapse the right panel:
I don’t close this often, so its not a deal-breaker for me.

Moving to the left helps, but its still aesthetically… funky:

I can’t seem to replicate this in your new file …but it’s late. Maybe I’ll play more tomorrow.
Thanks for the response!

Ah…I installed the theme today and lost the ‘command’ strip view on the far left. Kind of makes it hard to update, etc…

If you hover over the bottom of the window (to the left), it should pop into view…

Yup, you’re right. Thanks much!

Since this question comes up frequently I’ve added it to the top of the readme everywhere. I hope that Obsidian will eventually adopt native menu bar access in the future.

Minor thing: When using sliding windows, the options menu for the notes is hidden by the ribbon

Peek 2020-11-03 08-46

Request for you from a 7+ decade computer geek losing his eyesight. With the full realization that the name of the theme is Minimalist, would it be possible for you to crank up the contrast for the swipe-over options menu a little bit in the light version. My equipment isn’t 4K or Retina display so even with it ‘visible’ it’s a little hard to see. I could attempt to edit the css if I new what value to change, but I warn you in advance that could lead to a ‘few’ more thread triage requests. :wink: Thanks for listening!

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@argentum - I solved this by sliding the title down just a bit, then moving those buttons to the top of the titlebar:

/* Move the title down a bit to make room for the buttons */
.view-header-title-container {
  margin-top: 130px;
/* Move the buttons up to the top */
.view-actions {
  position: fixed;
  top: 0px;
  width: 32px;

Depending on your setup, you may or may not need to reset the width. I’m still messing with the titlebar, so I needed to adjust it a bit.

By the way, moving this to the side makes the frameless buttons (minimize/maximize/close) look pretty good in the top right, regardless of what menus I have open. I’m still using the old stylesheet, though. Something in that code allowed me to reposition them without being masked by the workspace - I still cannot replicate this with the new stylesheet.

I’ve just pushed an update to Minimal Theme. Here are few of the changes that have been added over the past week or so:

  • Frameless mode is now macOS only. For Windows and Linux, you’ll see minimally styled titlebar. I’ve made this change because for now I have not seen any satisfactory solution, and it clearly causes issues for users on those platforms.
  • Fixed the issue @argentum regarding actions buttons conflicting with app ribbon in Andy Mode
  • Added support for Calendar plugin

@Daveb08 Right now the theme is still very selfishly designed to my own personal tastes and eyesight, but I acknowledge that might not be best for everyone. The theme is MIT licensed so someone can definitely fork it into a higher contrast version. Or I would encourage you to explore the CSS which I’ve tried to make as readable as possible.

Once the plugin capabilities of Obsidian get more mature, I may consider turning Minimal theme into a plugin so that options like color can be controlled via the Settings.


Great…can’t ask for more than that!

A new update is available that improves the differentiation between selected text, highlighted text, and search results.


And I love this theme more and more! Thank you so much for sharing your good taste with us!

If the yellow shade is the ==highlight==, the boxes are the results and the blue is the selection… what is the green background?

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Text that is both selected and highlighted :slight_smile:

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Your theme is so good :+1:

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I’m unfamiliar with the ‘Theming’ concept in Obsidian. I haven’t found installation instructions in the repo, and can’t find anything in the official FAQ.

Can the theme only be applied on a per vault case, by simply copying the obsidian.css to the vault root? Or is there a way to install the theme (Obsidian) globally?

Theme is applied per vault

To add to @mafsi’s answer, @metbril: apply themes using the Preferences → Appearance → Custom CSS toggle, then opening up the Community Themes gallery that appears and selecting “use” under the theme you want.

This is done per-vault to allow people to use different themes for different vaults. All CSS is contained in obsidian.css in the root folder; you can customize it from there, but you’d need to copy and paste your tweaks across vaults if you intend on using the same theme.

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Hi @kepano first of all I really love your theme!
Please can you help me in integrating your theme with the backlinks in the document plugin? Right now I have the Andy mode plugin enabled so the page title spine is replicated in the document section and I can’t find a way to hide it and I’m also struggling to tweak the appearance of the content for a more inline feeling (Sorry I tried, but I’m not so skilled with css).
It would be a nice feature to add to this already beautiful and very smart theme.


When I install through the gallery, will it then automatically update with the latest version?

Yes, you’ll get the latest version if you install via Community Themes. You can also update the theme through that method too.