Slash Commander plugin - Customizable slash command list

Hi guys! I’m working on a new plugin called Slash Commander to provide a customizable slash command list. I’m new to plugin development and I don’t really know if it is useful.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys give it a try and leave your feedback and suggestions!

How to use

Go to the homepage of Slash Commander:

You can download the plugin from releases and install it manually or install it using BRAT.


  • Custimizable slash command trigger.
  • Custimizable slash command list which shows only what you choose.
  • Triggering only at the beginning of a line or after any whitespace.
  • Notion-like suggestion popup. (only lucide icons are available for now)


It’s really a tiny and simple plugin.




Thank you guy
It’s look like Typing Assistant.

Jambo2018/notion-assistant-plugin: Typing Assistant is a plugin that improves writing efficiency and provides a user experience similar to that of【Notion】 (

Wow, I didn’t know that! It’s a great plugin with a super handy sticky menu that’s always available.

Yeah, the two plugins have some similarities, but they are also pretty different:

  • Typing Assistant uses slash commands like Notion-style block insertions and focuses on giving you a Notion-like editing experience.
  • Slash Commander is just an alternative to the core plugin Slash commands, which is a shortcut to the command list. The whole point of Slash Commander is that you can customize the slash command list.
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I thought a customizable slash command list was helpful because it’s not yet available in the core plugin.




Im very happy to customize commands by slash and really helpful.

I would like an additional functionality, to allow custom commands by tags detected in the current note.

The context would be for example, if I map specific templates with quickadd for certain types of notes (e.g projects/book notes/etc…) with text elements that I want to integrate callout/dataview/fields to fill, with commands by tags, it would be possible to filter the display of my commands according to the context of my current editing note by tags, so as not to have to scroll through a huge commands list if its a contextual command.

I can only encourage you in this project, you did a good job. THANKS