Single reading view tab for a tab group

Use case or problem

I like to always have an editing view tab next to a linked reading view tab, but if I have more than one file open then when I switch to a different tab within the editing group, I also have to manually switch to the corresponding linked tab in the reading group. I’d like to be able to have multiple files open in my editing tab group that I can switch between and automatically see the reading view of the tab I’m currently editing in the other tab group.

Proposed solution

There’s probably a lot of ways this functionality could be implemented, but here’s my best idea. Instead of just allowing a tab to be linked to one other tab, make tabs able to be linked to tab groups as well. The tab would then be linked to the currently active tab in the group it’s linked to, and any time the user switches tabs or opens a new one it would be linked to the new active tab so it’s always mirroring what’s showing up in the group it’s linked to.


Same as Linking Tab Groups Rather than Tabs