Linking Tab Groups Rather than Tabs

This might be better suited under feature requests but I’m not sure if what I’m asking for is already possible somehow.


I like the new tab feature but currently it’s not very useful for me. I like to always have 2 linked panes (which they seem to be calling “tab groups” now) open, one for editing view and one for reading view (since I don’t really like the live preview editing mode). I like the idea of using tabs within these panes to have multiple notes open at the same time that I can quickly switch between, but this doesn’t work well with my way of using the program because as far as I can tell it only allows you to link individual tabs rather than entire tab groups. This means when I switch to a different tab on the editing group, I have to also manually switch to the corresponding tab in the reading group.

Desired Functionality

I want to be able to link entire tab groups so that when I open a new tab in one, it opens a linked tab in the other in the opposite view, and when I switch tabs within one group I’d like it to also switch to the corresponding linked tab in the other group.
Basically my old workflow before tabs were introduced just involved switching the note that I had open, which would switch both the editing and reading view panes since they were linked. Of course I can still do this just by using one linked tab in each group and switching the note in that tab, but I want to be able to have multiple notes open in different tabs while retaining this functionality of switching both groups simultaneously.

Any help is appreciated.

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My friend and I also would like this feature. I’m wondering if there’s already a feature request for it. If not, this would be a good one.

Yes. It’s a feature that makes sense.

Maybe share a reading view tab for all edit tabs.

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