Single 'Go back' jumps 2 notes back when local graph is open

Steps to reproduce

You will need 3 notes:

  • First note (the note which is opened first)
  • Second note (the note containing a link to ‘The note I open using graph’)
  • The note I open using graph (3rd note)

Now reproduce the problem:

  • Navigate from 1st note to 2nd note using File explorer
  • Navigate from 2nd note to 3rd note using local graph
  • Press ‘Go back button’ or ⌘+⌥+←

Expected result

Expected result is to get one step back which is a 2nd note

Actual result

It brings you to the 1st note, not the 2nd one!
In other words: jumps 2 steps back instead of 1


  • Operating system: Mac
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.3

Additional information

Here is the gif. ‘Code is liability’ is the 1st initial note, then I go ‘code depth vs code width’.
Now if I navigate to the next note using graph and then press ‘Go back’ - it brings me to initial note, not the 2nd one (not expected).

The 2nd time I navigate the 3rd note by clicking [[]] link. Then press ‘Go back’ and it brings me 1 step back (expected)

Then I use graph again and ‘Go back’ again brings me 2 steps back (not expected)

I can’t repro. Post a screen recording of this happeing in the help vault.

@WhiteNoise I also had a problem to reproduce it stably by navigating with Graph view.

But I found another slightly different scenario which is stable:

  • Open Obsidian help vault
  • Close ‘Edit mode’, leave ‘Preview mode’, open ‘Local graph view’. So initial state is an Obsidian with 1)files tree on the left, 2)note in Preview mode in the middle and 3) a local graph on the right
  • Navigate to the 1st note in file tree
  • Navigate to the 2nd note in file tree
  • Click on a link from Preview mode to navigate 3rd note
  • Now click ‘Go back’ and you will jump to the 1st note instead of the 2nd one

Ok, I can repro this.

will be fixed in 0.12.4


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