Single ‘Go back’ jumps 2 notes back when local graph is open (regression)

Reported this one earlier, see the original bug report. Looks like the bug has appeared again. Creating a new bug report, since the original one is resolved and locked.

Steps to reproduce

  • Navigate from 1st note to 2nd note using File explorer
  • Navigate from 2nd note to 3rd note using local graph
  • Press ‘Go back button’ or ⌘+⌥+←

Expected result

Expected result is to get one step back which is a 2nd note

Actual result

It brings you to the 1st note, not the 2nd one!
In other words: jumps 2 steps back instead of 1


  • Operating system: MacOs Big Sur 11.6.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.19

Additional information



Will be fixed in the next insider.

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