Single click link for unlinked mentions

Use case or problem

I want to be able to create an internal link by clicking once within the outgoing links tab under unlinked mentions. I believe this is how the unlinked mentions area used to work but now a hidden drop down menu adjacent to each item in the list has been added which must be opened on each item to find the link option.

Proposed solution

Add a setting under files and links that causes that link button in the dropdown menu on each item to always be available

Current workaround (optional)

Open the drop down menu on each item I wish to link and then click on the link option
(I know it’s just 1 extra click per link but the drop down menu is tedious to find and I feel it really slows down my workflow as I use more than 1 link per sentence usually)

Related feature requests (optional)

This will be fixed in the next public release:


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