Simple workaround for posting to Wordpress

Obsidian doesn’t (yet) support publishing to Wordpress; nor is there a plugin for that. There have been a couple of requests for Wordpress support, and I hope someone implements a plugin.

Until then, here’s a simple workaround: Obsidian is, among other things, a markdown editor, and other Markdown editors do support Wordpress publishing. So just compose in Obsidian, and use one of those other editors to publish. I’ve used IA Writer and it worked very nicely.

Why not just compose in the other Markdown editor, and skip Obsidian entirely? I prefer the way Obsidian handles embedded images, compared with other editors. Also, Obsidian is familiar. I don’t use IA Writer much anymore, so it’s not as familiar to me.

I haven’t tried this with multiple Obsidian documents simultaneously, just one at a time as individual posts to a Wordpress blog.


Hi Mitch! I`m thinking about building such plugin. Please share your vision on functionality to be included.

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It would be great if you do that.

My vision is simple, very similar to how IA Writer and Ulysses handle Wordpress publishing: Ability to publish a single document, with an optional title taken from a header on the first line, and images included in the document would be included in the Wordpress post. Note publishes as a draft. Then automatically go to the browser and open the post, for additional fiddling.

BTW, my workaround worked once, then not again. I haven’t been motivated to figure out what went wrong.

It would be great if you can be a plugin, that would be a huge convenience. Actually I think the core functionality of the plugin should be able to convert all the the Internal Link in obsidian to a format that is recognizable in Wordpress (At least the image which is the main part, that would be also great if the linked notes could be displayed properly as a cell in Wordpress). I don’t really know if it is applicable if we can directly connect to our own wordpress from Obsidian, so it could be only a suggestion to consider.

Showing some love for WordPress integration.

a wordpress integration would be awesome!

Not to spam, but I recently created this related feature request - not necessarily the ability to publish from Obsidian to Wordpress (though it would be nice), but the ability to have the incredible Obsidian Graph in WordPress, allowing you to browse posts with the graph, filter by tags and categories, date, author, etc…

Obsidian Graph WordPress plugin - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

If you think it is a worthwhile thing, perhaps add some love there?


There is a workaround for the internal links problem but it involves getting Obsidian Publish.

  1. All note names should be the URL slug you want to use in WordPress. You can include spaces in your note name.

  2. Specify the right anchor text for your internal links by adding an alias like below [[Note Name|anchor text]]. If you don’t specify the anchor text the note name will be used as the anchor text.

  3. Publish the page using Obsidian publish.

  4. Visit the published page in a browser and copy the text and paste it in a new Obsidian note.

  5. You will have all the internal links converted into hyperlink but with a different domain name.

  6. Find replace the obsidian publish domain name with your WordPress domain name.

  7. Spaces are converted into + in the URL. So you may also want to change + to - by doing a find replace.

If you use WordPress pages to have a parent child relationship then your URL will look like this To replicate this structure, you just need to place your notes into respective folders in Obsidian.

If someone can build a plugin that does not require Obsidian publish (steps 3 and 4) that would be awesome.