Obsidian Graph WordPress plugin

I’m not sure if this belongs in Feature Requests, Plugin Ideas, or is even relevant at all to Obsidian.

But I’d love to see some mechanism to use the Obsidian Graph within a WordPress website. I created an incredibly awful version of this with d3js 5 years ago that allowed me to pop open a graph that linked to different pages on the site. The code has since (probably fortunately) disappeared.

But Obsidian’s graph is exceptional and I think a TON of people would love to use it. I realize this “competes” with the Obsidian Publish service, yet it doesn’t really - Publish is a clean place to share your notes. Wordpress is an entirely other beast.

I don’t know how it would work - publish md notes to github and sync to Wordpress CMS through one of many seemingly existing methods? Put all the notes in a spreadsheet and import directly into the database? Ignore your md notes altogether and simply allow for graphing any post type in wp_posts?

I’d even be willing to pay for such a plugin. I also suspect it would bring in many new users to the Obsidian platform/community, given that WordPress is the biggest “writing” platform in the world.

Anyone have any thoughts?