Simple iOS lock screen widget

Use case or problem

Whenever I get a thought, that there is something I want to do later and my laptop is not nearby, I open Obsidian on my iPhone. Immediately, my daily note is displayed and I can add a todo or task. To open the app, I have to unlock my phone and navigate to the app.

Proposed solution

A simple lock screen widget, that opens the app directly. This would reduce the navigation overhead when writing down short notes and make the process more seamless.

Iā€™m sure this can be done by combining third-party apps (prolly without JB as well) and using the Shortcuts app with Obsidian URI or Advanced URI plugin.
Where there is a will, ā€¦

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Good point. It is already possible to do this by creating an iOS shortcut that opens the app and using the shortcuts lock screen widget. Unfortunately, it can only have one of the apple shortcu logos.