Simple info management in Obsidian

I want to take daily notes about my life: family, work, friends, thougths with different tags, important things and so on.
So I decided to organize the daily note into headings.
I’d like to be able to easily manipulate all that information, that is, to get:

  • a page that contains all my thougths with a given tag in a given week
  • a page that contains all my todo in a given month
  • other types of summary
    and so on

How could I achieve that? I think with the search function but I’d like to have an automatically generated page rather copy and paste results every time.


It depends a great deal on the form and content of your notes.

Try a few queries (see the search help pages in the docs).

There’s also a variety of plugins for searching through notes:

  • Vantage helps create complex search queries
  • Obsidian Query Language provides more advanced search capabilities
  • dataview can create dynamic tables and lists based on search terms

If you always have the same headings, you can adjust them to use transclusion.

Instead of a heading for each item, use a paragraph. In the paragraph, write everything about that topic. At the end, include a paragraph ID. If you always use the same paragraph ID, you can use transclusion to pull out content on a specific topic.

I do this with my daily notes to pull summaries:

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