Friendlier daily note aliases and transcluding daily summaries into my weekly note

I wanted to share my daily and weekly note set-up cause it’s working out pretty kewl.

First, my note file name starts with ISO date and ends with a friendly date. This lets ISO be used for sorting, but gives me a human-readable name to scan, so I can find notes more easily when looking at the files. “Mon Jan 4” is what I’m looking for. "2021-01-04 is less useful.


Then in my note template, I use the human readable date for the h1 and also alias the human readable date. This means I can link to Mon Jan 4 from other places. Again, it’s the human-readable text. And usually I don’t remember the date, but I start typing “Mon” and the autocomplete makes it easy to find the right one.


And it won’t be “Mon Jan 4” again for several years, so I won’t have alias conflicts for a while.

Lastly, at the top of the note, I include a block with a pre-attached block reference. The text block begins with the friendly date in bold and then a prompt to summarize the day. I write the aspirational summary of what I am going to do in the morning and write the past tense version of what actually happened at the end of the day.

And then, here’s the really kewl part… in my weekly note, instead of transcluding the entire daily note, it transcludes just the summary block.

The template:

The output looks so much sweeter than including the entire daily note inside the weekly notes (as mentioned in the Calendar plugin info):

Lastly, I added a link back to the weekly page from the daily note footer, so I can jump back quick when reviewing days from the week perspective… weekly note.


This is genius!

Do you generate your weeklies from a template, too? What template generator works for this?

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I’m using the Weekly template that comes with the Calendar plug-in.


Can you post as texts? :pray:

I had no idea weekly notes could use that day-of-the-week syntax. Thanks for pointing it out and thanks to @liam for the brilliant work, as ever.

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