Sidebery like tab navigation for Obsidian

About Sidebery

It is a Firefox extension that allows powerful vertical tab management with tree structure. It is basically an outliner for your tabs. It is highly customizable both in term of aesthetic and how you can interact with it (ex. keybindings). I personnaly could not go without it anymore. Here’s a few quick examples using the beta 5.0 :


Integrating similar features to Obsidian

  • Why would it be great in Obsidian (compared to conventionnal and stack tabs) ?
    • Screen real estate
    • Dramatically improve readability of tabs name when too many are open

Features it would include

Initial version

  • Tabs per pane displayed on a pane in the side panel (and tabs would not display from the top ribon).
    • Would simply offer the option to display the tab list (we can see in the gif bellow) in a panel on the side.

  • Note :
    • Even if this Obsidian panel is not focused or visible, it would still be possible to change tab using Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab (to allow to use the same side pane for other uses like Outline, Search, …).
    • As I see it, it would simply be a 3rd option for viewing tabs in Obsidian (not a replacement for basic tabs or stacks).

Potential enhancements

  • Tree like structure :
    • Not sure if it can translate well as Obsidian uses Chrome and Sidebery is only on Firefox but I guess tab groups in Chrome could minimally allow a 2 level deep hierarchy. I searched some similar extensions for Chrome that are open source but did not find anything…
  • Tabs panels :
    • Could be used as an alternative to workspaces
  • Unloading tabs :
    • Could probably be a great addition to workspaces (as it would allow to have open workspace with a lot of notes in it but not all “loaded” at the same time). The option to unload tabs based on delay, folding or manual action would then be necessary (see the options Sidebery offers in this regard).

I understand reading the title but I don’t think this solution improves real estate.

Anyway. For vertical tabs there is already a FR open:

I am gonna move your thread to Plugin Ideas.


Have you tried the Koncham Workspace plugin? it seems to do exactly what you want: provide a vertical list of tabs in a sidebar plane. Personally I love it.

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