Sidebar pane to include a list of "shared links" based on [[keyword]]

Use case or problem

I would like to see in the sidebar a collapsible list of notes with “shared links” as opposed to backlinks to the active file. This would offer dramatic improvements to workflow and efficiency, and therefore overall impact.

Proposed solution

For example, let’s say I’m working on a draft report called, Draft 1. When I link [[keyword 1]] a collapsible list in the sidebar under a heading with Keyword 1 as it’s title automatically appears, as with the backlinks pane. In this list would be all other notes which also include a link to [[keyword 1]], including context.

Current workaround (optional)

Dataview allows me to do this manually, but this creates friction since it’s not automated and I’m not as savvy as many other users.

Local graph provides exactly this capability when by increasing the depth; notes connected via keywords can be viewed in this pane, however, it is less useful than a list would be.

Using a query code block provides similar functionality to Dataview, but is also a manual job.

MOCs and index notes. For example, I could create a note called Keyword 1 and include all notes or a selection of notes which include the link [[keyword 1]] but this also is quite a manual job and creates friction when writing full drafts.

Thank you for your time and attention, and for a truly amazing app that has been so impactful for so many!

Related feature requests (optional)

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