Add context menu for links in outgoing-links pane

Use case or problem

Currently, if you select a link in the outgoing-links pane (core plugin), you only have the option to open the link in the current editor (by CLICK) or in the new window (by CTRL-CLICK).

I’d like to be able to work with outgoing links in the same way as with the links in the text editor itself, especially to open the file in a default app or locate it in the system explorer. What I mean is that right-clicking on the link in the outgoing-links pane should bring up the context menu with all standard options available for links (Open in new window, Rename, Copy obsidian url, etc).

I find the outgoing-links pane very important, as it’s the best way to see all attachments and media related to the note in question.

Proposed solution

Add context menu for links in outgoing-links pane.

Current workaround (optional)

First you must find the respective link to the attachment in the text editor itself and then you can use the context menu there, but it´s not so convenient and fast.

Many thanks for the great product.