Sidebar Padding Titles/Folders (and files)

I’m new to obsidian and am aware of css snippets. I’m new to coding but know what css is.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to adjust the padding for the folders/files in the sidebar on the android obsidian app. The padding for padding-top and padding-bottom. It’s too much padding for me to be able to see more folders/files.

Is it not padding and something else? Is the class the right class listed below?

Things I have tried

I found one post about line-spacing. But its not line-spacing. It’s the gap between each folder which I believe is padding that I’m trying to adjust.

I included the file in .obsidian in snippets. Toggled CSS snippets.

I tried the file in the post linked below and tried adjusting the padding. Adjusting the padding does not make a difference. The class is what might help figure this out though:


Here is the link to the css snippet file I tried:

It works for font-size, just not when I adjust the padding.

Am I doing something wrong? How does it know that that class is the class that adjusts the padding? Is it a button class or something else like row-gap?

Sorry if this is super beginner but I don’t know how else to figure this out.

Thank you @Klaas for getting me this far.

Many thanks in advance!

This is from the post I found that has the class that I thought might adjust the padding:

file-expl-line-space.css (537 Bytes)

@obsidiannow I am sorry, I cannot help with the mobile version as I do not use it myself.
If you do not get a satisfactory reply here, you should try the Obsidian Discord channel where there are some knowledgeable gurus too.

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thank you for the reply

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it might be because i have the custom sidebar plugin! Maybe there is a file I can edit related to this.

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I must admit, I tried the plug-in several times and each time found it was not performing as expected. I finally decided not to try anymore.

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