Decrease line spacing in the file/note listing (left)

I’m just getting started with Obsidian. In the file/note listing on the left, is it possible to decrease the spacing between lines (so-called leading), so that more notes show? I assume, if it’s doable, it’s done with a css snippet? I added the css snippet from this post (at the top), I changed the line-height property to 80%, but it didn’t change the spacing.

Try this snippet

file-expl-line-space.css (537 Bytes)

You’ll have to play a bit with the numbers to get it to look right with your theme.


Thanks, it mostly works. The behavior is a bit odd, it reduces the spacing much more for parent-child node distances and less for between-parents spacing

Like I said, you have to play with the numbers to get the spacing looking right. That depends on your theme and what you like esthetically.

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