Showing linked mentions/backlinks within a note on canvas

Hi all,

I just started using Canvas and ran into an issue integrating it with my workflow. Is it possible to show unlinked and linked mentions within a note card on Canvas? I often have ‘topic’ notes I’ll link to from various ‘content’ notes so I can reference said ‘content’ notes when I want to dig deeper into a ‘topic.’

Here’s an example of how I’d imagine this would appear:

Does this or similar functionality exist within Canvas? If not, does anyone have ideas for a workaround?

I’m still a bit of a noob with obsidian and this forum, apologies if I’m missing something obvious or if I’m breaking any rules!


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I hadn’t noticed, but yeah, even if you have Backlinks > Backlinks in document toggled on and see it in your source note, it doesn’t show at the bottom of a file card in Canvas. It’s a good idea.

Have a look through the Feature Requests area and if you don’t see anything that matches, make a FR!

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Sounds good, thanks for the guidance!

Canvas would be a major step up in my knowledge management workflow if this feature existed. I’ll make a post in Feature Requests if a similar thread hasn’t been created.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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