Canvas Note Cards Linked/Unlinked Mentions Display

I recently made this post within the help subforum and was directed to create a post here.

It would be fantastic to be able to see linked and unlinked mentions within a note card on canvas.

Use Case:
Within my workflow, I create general ‘topic’ notes which I link to from my regular notes. I do this so that when I want to dig deeper into a specific topic, I can use the linked mentions section on the topic note to find related content notes.

Currently within canvas, note cards don’t display linked/unlinked mentions like note pages outside of canvas.

Proposed Solution:
While note cards in canvas are in the editing state, display the linked/unlinked mentions section from note pages.


Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts. Also, please let me know if a similar feature request exists, I dug around for a few minutes but was unable to find anything.


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