Show whitespace plugin

I created a small plugin to show whitespace in the editor (using code from an existing CodeMirror plugin, so I can’t take all the credit here :sweat_smile:)

Check out the styles.css in the plugin folder if you want to change the colour or style of the whitespace elements for your own theme.

There might be some weird issues with some themes and css snippets out there. For example, I’ve already notice that the space inside an unchecked checkbox seems to stand out in the middle instead of at the bottom.

If you notice anything, let me know and I’ll have a look.

Show whitespace plugin is now togglable via a command (meaning you can bind a hotkey to it if you want)

This should be a core feature of Obsidian - well done


Will this plug-in be updated for the new editor?



1 Like I hope you can port this to CM6 somehow, I really miss this great plugin!

Thanks for the plugin but it doesn’t seem to work. This functionality would be very useful (as a core plugin) for writing. Is it possible to update the plugin in order to work properly for the current editor?

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Would be a fantastic core plugin.

With Markdown, invisible characters impact on both structure and meaning, so being able to see them makes a world of difference.


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Will the plugin be updated?