Show linked nodes labels on hover

Hello, Before the last update I could see the connected nodes labels when hovering a node in the graph view but since the update the connections and nodes are highlighted as before but no labels are shown.

I really liked this features, is there a way to bring it back ?
I checked the options but found nothing related so I am not sure why it changed.

What version? (And what installer version too?)

Have you tested turning off plugins just to make sure it isn’t a plugin conflict first?

Then it will be easier to test if something has changed, or if it is a bug.

I have the same behaviour after update on mac os and windows on two different vaults, I will try disabling some plugins but can you confirm the current expected behaviour ?

I think you are right, I am seeing some weird behaviour, where I occasionally see a little popup preview of the note once, but then it stops appearing at all.

When you say “label”, you mean the little popup preview of the note content, right? Or was it something else.

I hope someone more familiar with the graph view replies, because I don’t remember what the original behaviour was. Were you always supposed to see that preview? Just with a regular hover, or did you have to hit a modifier key?

But yeah, there might be a bug here.

it was not a preview but the note name, I tried to download the previous release but for some reason the latest version is still the one to start even after replacing the executable (on osx) so no luck there.

Let’s say I have a note Paris containing:

[[City]] in [[France]]

with City and France existing notes.

The old behaviour I had: no labels shown on the graph and when hovering Paris the connections with City and France would be highlighted and City and France would appear below their respective nodes.

The new behaviour I see: no labels are shown and when hovering Paris only the connections are highlighted but City and France do not appear under the linked nodes.

I am not familiar enough with obsidian yet to know if that is a bug or something else.

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