Graph View shows connected titles on hover

Use case or problem

Graph view allows for great visual discoverability of connected notes, but currently only highlights the name of the note you hover over.

This requires the user to remember where the node is located, and hover over the next node to visually see what it is connected to unless zoomed in close to the graph (based on current text fade thresholds).

Proposed solution

If the hover action could show the titles of the linked notes at the same scale of the current note, this would help surface connections and ideas easier in graph view, including global graph view.

Current workaround (optional)

Basically, me saying “ENHANCE!” dramatically to no one in particular, all while zooming into graph view. :woman_shrugging:

Related feature requests (optional)


This would be great. My current workflow is hovering over a node, watching what lights up, and then mousing over a lit up node to see what it is. I do this over and over again until I find the one I need.

After playing a bit more with the graph view I noticed that the labels of linked nodes are shown but only below a zoom threshold, if you zoom on the nodes they will appear but this is not always parctical.

They are, but at 2500 notes, the zoom scale becomes a little unwieldy. Or I need glasses. :see_no_evil: (Or both!)

I finally understood what was happening, it has nothing to do with the upgrade but with the fact that my graph got bigger. After a certain zoom threshold labels are only shown when selected, when zooming in on a specific node they appear again.

Came here to make this request myself!

+1 for making the graph view title font size bigger when zoomed out!

I would love to be able to spend time looking at my graph view as a whole.

It would also be great to have graph view to highlight a 2nd and 3rd pathways on node hover. To better understand how it all links together

Please can we make this happen :slightly_smiling_face: